The Undergo Festival is the largest FREE music and arts festival in Savannah!

This Saturday the 25th it's time for the 2nd annual Undergo Festival featuring live music, great food, performance art and lots and lots of fun -- and it's all FREE!!!

Join us this Saturday the 25th, 2019 from 11am – 11pm for the largest FREE music and art festival in Savannah!!!
Located at Emergent Structures – 2302 E Gwinnett St. Savannah, GA 31404

The 2nd annual Undergo Festival is underway!

Why do we UnderGO?

We UnderGO because we are creative. We UnderGO because we care about our community and our futures. We UnderGO because we love Savannah. We love walking the streets knowing that we are being supported and inspired by some of the most creative teachers, entrepreneurs, artists and visionaries in the country. We UnderGO forward, with a focus on supporting local efforts, a focus on sustainability, and a focus on creating an inclusive and inviting environment for all who are apart of Savannah’s growing arts landscape and beyond.

WHAT is UnderGO?

UnderGO is a community festival. Our goals are-

To showcase local visual and performing artists in an accessible space in order to encourage and promote arts exposure, arts expansion, and arts thriving in Savannah’s communities.
UnderGO is a safe space to communicate, congregate, and collaborate for solutions to Savannah’s burgeoning socio-economic, environmental, and cultural and artistic needs and issues.
UnderGo is an accessible and inclusive artist platform.

WHEN and WHERE is UnderGO?

We are proud to announce The Emergent Structures Lumber Yard on Savannah’s Eastside as the venue for this year’s festivities. The event will be taking place Saturday May 25th, beginning at 11am and closing out at 10:30pm.

HOW do we UnderGO?

We UnderGO by showing up and showing out to support, encourage and inspire our communities with art, growth, exposure, and education. All proceeds go directly back to the artists and local non-profits in order to continue and insure growth and support in Savannah’s arts communities.
We UnderGO by inviting local visual and performing artists to express their inspirations in a safe, receptive, and open environment.
We UnderGo by celebrating local craft brewers and local craft food.
We UnderGO by being a family-friendly environment that is accessible to all people on their unique journeys.

WHO will UnderGO?

The UnderGo is open to every one.
It is a free, accessible arts festival in the heART of Savannah’s communities.

Will you UnderGO?